Our Mission

The mission of the Activity and Service Business Office is to assist the recipients of Activity & Service funds by facilitating the access to their approved funds, while providing quality support services efficiently and effectively.

We seek to achieve excellence and dedicate ourselves to the support of the management and philosophies of the Division of Student Affairs.

About Us

The Activity and Services A&S Business Office (A&S) reports to the Executive Director of Budget and Personnel for the Division of Student Affairs. The office consists of the Assistant Director of Budgets, two Senior Fiscal Assistants, and Student Assistants. This office is in charge of the overall fiscal handling of the A&S Fees (Activity and Service). The Assistant Director works along with the SGA’s Comptrollers to ensure that all A&S funds are allocated properly and legally under the University system.

The A&S Business Office controls University Wide and Modesto Maidique Campus (MMC) A&S Fee disbursements. Once the budget allocations have been approved, all recipients of funds must comply with their itemized budgets.

For all clubs using their allocation the Advisor’s and Campus Life Advisor’s signatures are required when initiating the request for the release of their approved funds. The A&S Business Office staff is required to inform and instruct the Committee chairpersons and student leaders on the policies and procedures of the University. This will allow for the appropriate planning of the activities and ensure that the funds are accurately assigned in the individual accounts and categories.

Office Personnel

Assistant Director of Budgets is the staff representative for the Division of Student Affairs and the chief fiscal officer for all financial accountability of the A&S Fees.  This position is responsible for briefing the SGA, Campus Life and Media Departments on accounting policies and procedures. The Assistant Director manages the A&S Business Office Staff.

Sr. Fiscal Assistants maintain all A&S accounting records, deal with students and staff assisting them in general SGA financial matters and in the preparation of authorized expenditure requests, process expenditure request from the departments, committees, and the clubs based on their approved funds and process travel arrangements and all travel-related issues. They also maintain the shadow accounting system called ASBO and handle budget issues referring them to the Assistant Director and/or Comptroller when necessary.

Student Assistants help with the office operations, assist with the maintenance of accounting records, and assist staff and students in financial matters.